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Gods Choice

Olives trees, where olive oil comes from, are traditionally grown in the Mediterranean, with Greece consistently being one of the countries with the highest olive oil production.

Divine Flavors

The fruit is separated from the leaves, washed and put in special machines with stainless wheels, which mash the olives. Water is then added and this mixture after filtration from possible precipitates is separated into water and oil.

Drops of Nature

The final product is characterized by its wonderful taste and rich nutritional value, which makes it a top choice for establishing a healthy eating habbit.


Our extra virgin olive oil comes from our grandfather’s fields, which are located in Methoni – Messinia, where with love and special care, since 1950, he planted and extracted his own extra virgin olive oil.

We now offer you this tradition, exporting our extra virgin olive oil beyond the borders of our homeland in Greece.


The fruit is harvested from November to March, six months after the flowering of the tree. For the highest quality of olive oil, the olive must be harvested when it changes color, in order to have the maximum content and the best taste.



The sacks must be transported to the mill as soon as possible, in a maximum of two days, because otherwise the fruit will deteriorate due to fermentation.



When the ideal location meets the best production techniques the result can only be perfect.

500 ml extra virgin olive oil with package

Dakry Family 

Our dakry collection has the premium bottle of 500ml as well as a special bottle of extra virgin olive oil in 750ml and 5lt can

5lt can extra virgin olive oil

Produced in a traditional way. We harvest our olive trees and then we bottle our special olive oil with care and love for our customers.
Mainly offered for restaurants or any other production with demands on large quantities of olive oil.

750ml glass

Bottle with UVAC protection

It is selected gingerly to extract this fruity, spicy, and tasteful olive oil from our trees.
The results will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Mainly offered for supermarkets, mini markets, and grocery stores.


Saturated Fat


Vitamin E (of the Daily Value)


Vitamin K (of the Daily Value)

 (the values given are approximate)

  • Acidity ≈ 0,2% 8% 8%
  • Fruity 85% 85%
  • COLOR 85% 85%


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